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Met Aida Live 2018

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Met Aida Live 2018

Fathom Events and Metropolitan Opera represent Verdis Aida, who lives in selected theaters nationwide on Saturday, October 6. The soprano Anna Netrebko sang her first Matthew Aida, with the mezzosoprano Anita Rachvelishvili, as her heavy who is Amneris’s rival. Alexander Antonenko – Guerrero Radames, and Nicola Luizotti accepts the platform for the massive production of Met.

The Events of Fathom and Metropolitan Opera are being sentby Bizet Carmen, who lives in selected theaters nationwide on Saturday 2nd of February. ClagraineMargain is the most seductive opera, against Roberto Alanya, who seized HD live by Don Jose in 2010. Louis fattening season performed a lively performance by Sir Richard Ayres, a favorite in the repertoire of Metz.

Deep fosters Events and Metropolitan Opera represented issuing Nico Mullie Marni, who live in select cinemas across the country on Saturday, November 10. ComposerNicoMully presents her new friend for Matt in this fascinating novel by WinstonGraham, created in fifties, with a beautiful and magical woman taking some identities. Director Michael Mayer and his creative team created a fast kinematics world of exciting negatives and frustration inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s movie. The meso-soprano Isabelle Leonard dancesto the mysterious Marnie, and the baritone Christopher Maltman, the man who pushed him, with serious consequences. Robert Hold Spanot.