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Inception 2010

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Inception 2010

It rattles corporate noise through the technology of sharing dreams to develop an idea in the spirit of the general director of the party.


Christopher Nolan’s letter:

Christopher Nolan Stars:

Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page | House Cobb, a thief, isexpert in the field of dangerous mining and covers valuable secrets in the subconscious, in a dreamy mood. Cobb has a strange ability. He was an advocate of espionage by companies, a talented player in the new world, but also fought internationally and served everything thatalways loved. Now Cobb offers a depreciation option. The final work can give life, but in the beginning it is impossible. Instead of being the best, Cobb and his specialists have the opposite side: the task is not to fold, but to have a factory. If this succeeds, the crime may bethe best. But planning or experience. I doubt it can be a team to prepare for the prediction of all moves. Only Cobb saw the enemy.

My father has a recurring dream of losing his family. His nightmare becomes a reality when he invades the power of the planet with violencefrom destruction. In the struggle for life, an unknown force understands that the damage is safe.


Ben Jung Writers:

Spencer Cohen (script), Brad Kane (script) (Brad Caleb Kane) The loss of the family is full of dreams. But his dreams are more desecrated, more than paranoid when an attacker attacks the planet.Although he loved the people he defended, he has a hidden power to keep him safe.