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Hotel Transylvania 3

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Hotel Transylvania 3

At Sony Pictures Animation Hotel Transylvania 3, Mavis surprised Dracula with a family on a luxury cruise ship of monsters, so he can spend a summer break so everyone can spend their holidays at the hotel, rather than resist the rest of the Drac package. All monsters are a great time and enjoy allcruise offers: from volleyball monsters to colossal buffets to exotic walks, but then the unexpected occurs when the Drak enters an exciting yet dangerous captain falls from the ship. A balanced family, friends and a respectable novel can be too great,even for the most powerful vampire.

Count Dracula and the company are on a cruise for marine loving monsters and do not know that their boat was called the monstrous Van Helsing family.


Jenny Tartakowski authors:

Michael McCullers, Genni Tartakovskiy | Mavis surprised Dracula familywalk on the luxurious Monster Cruise Ship so that he can go on holiday to spend all the holidays at the hotel. The rest of the package Drac’s does not stand. But as soon as they leave their harbor, a romance arises when Dracula meets the mysterious ship of Captain Eric. Now the mausonsturn into a game with overly protective parents and separate the father and Eric from each other. Little did she know that she was “too good to be true,” a love interest, in fact a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, an old Arkent Dracula and all the other samples.