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Hotel Transylvania 3

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Hotel Transylvania 3

At Sony Pictures Animation Hotel Transylvania 3 amazes Mavis Dracula with a family trip to a luxury cruise ship monsters, so he can keep a summer of providing all the holidays at elses hotels, and the rest of Dracs package Can not fail to tag along. The samples all have a good time, indulging in all pleasure on board to offer cruise with behemoth male volleyball monster in buffets and foreigntrips, but then this will happen unexpectedly as Drac falls for the intriguing shipwreck. Balancing family, friends and affection can be overwhelming, even for the most powerful vampire.

While Dracula and the company are participating in a cruise for monsters who love the sea, they do not know that their boat was followed by the family of Van Helsing monster.


Genndy writers of Tartakovsky:

MichaelMcCullers, Genndy Tartakovsky Mavis surprises Dracula with a family trip to a luxury Monster Cruise ship, so he can rest from a holiday to the hotel. The rest of Drac’s Pack can not resist going. But once they left the port, the love moved when Dracula met the magical Captain Ericka.
Hotel Transylvania 3: Now is Mavis’s turn to a playfully protected parent who loves his father and Ericka. They do not know her ‘toogood to be true ‘the interest in love is really a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, the old justice in Dracula and all the other monsters.