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Down a Dark Hall 2018

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Down a Dark Hall 2018

Five emotional tithes focus on Blackwood, a magical school for natural women. An intense lady Madame Duret is trying hard, they think they find a place where they can build in an academic and artistic way. The mystery is deepening because they cure a layer after a layer of bad behavior to discover the real, terrible purpose of the school.

Kit Gordy, anew student at Blackvood Elementary School, is in conjunction with the supernatural events and darkness of the director of repairs.


Rodrigo Corts Writers:

Michael Goldbach (situation bi) (like Mike Goldbach), Chris Sparling (script bi) | After his father’s death when he was young, Kit Gordy grew up as an excited squirrel with his mother Ginny and his father, Dave Dabrowski. By mentioning the director’s office at his high school andof the accused because of an attempt to fail, Kit was expelled from a high school, but Dr. Heather Sinclair, a member of the Schoolwood School staff at Blackwood, offered him a place next year to study. Ginni Kit wins, she tries to fix her daughter, and Kit goes to Blackwood, an old closed and dark villa in the middle of the forest outside the city. Here she meets her colleagues: Izzi, Eshi shy, sausageand Veronica at the border, so you will not be upset as her. At the dinner show, Kit and other girls met Mrs. Duret, Blackwood Director and all employees: Pr.Farlei (Math), Jules Duret (music), Heather Sinclair (art) and Mrs. Olonna, Madame Duret is tough to keep peace