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Down a Dark Hall 2018

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Down a Dark Hall 2018

There are 50 emotional weaknesses involving Blackwood, a mysterious school for talented women. Posted 3 years ago, the mystery is deep because they break the process after the wrong procedure to discover the real purpose of the school.

KitMae Gordy, a new student at Blackwood Primary School, matches his organization’s oversight activity and darkness.


Author Rodrigo Corts:

Michael Goldbach (script by) (Mike Mike Goldbach), Chris Sparling (script by) | After deathwhen her baby was a baby, Gordy’s pack has grown like a squirrel squirrel because of her mother Ginny and her father, Dave Dabrowski. Droping the head office of a secondary school in his secondary school and accused him of not burning, Kit was expelled from the secondary school, but Heather Sinclair, a member of the Blackwood Board office, offered his place in the next school year . Kit Ginny won his victory in trying to solve his daughter, and KitTeithio i’r Coed Duon, old old and dark buildings in the forest outside thecity. Here she meets her colleagues: Cute Izzy, Ashy Shy, Sausage Sausages and Veronica on the border, so you will not have her own problems. By presenting the meals, Kit and other girls with Madame Duret, Blackwood Head and all the staff: Pr.Farley (Mathematics), Jules Duret (Music), Heather Sinclair (Art) and her. Olonsky, Madame Duret is stubborn to keep peace